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“Before we started using In4Grants, we kept our information in three different places. We were using Excel, Word, Access and really cobbling together our process.”

 —Jerrold R. Harris, Ph.D., Director Research and Sponsored Programs, Bloomsburg University

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About I4Grants

freeing time, fueling growth

Faster grant discovery, better peer collaboration and easier project tracking are right around the corner—at the point of connection

If you're in the business of finding grants, it's a nice place to be. What will get you there is In4Grants™, the most polished pre-award management system on the market today.

more winning. less searching.

With In4Grants Discovery™, targeted funding opportunities come to you—not the other way around. In4Grants Discovery finds more relevant grants at least 50 percent quicker than other methods, targets opportunities with contextual filtering technology, presents them in a single workspace for all selected peers to tag, and frees up time you never thought you'd have.

Alternatives? Manually searching sources—from Grants.gov to foundation websites. Or, relying on research-administration services that just email available grants.

one interface. effortless interaction

In4Grants Collaboration™ makes it easy for administrators, principal investigators, researchers and other team members to communicate in a centralized workspace using Facebook-like functionality—vastly improving organizational efficiency. In the In4Grants Collaboration interface, all interaction is conducted around the grant, making the opportunity the point of connection. Not the email.

Or...you could overlook the social-media revolution and communicate the old-fashioned way. Like sending multiple documents, deciphering confusing email strings, and hunting down project colleagues by phone.

farewell, Excel...nice to meet you, In4Grants

In4Grants Tracking™ is a ridiculously-powerful way to handle storage, reporting and pre-award workflow—making the job of grant administration substantially easier.

With In4Grants Tracking, all actions are recorded automatically, giving you a 360-degree view of the entire process. After using In4Grants, you'll wonder how you ever did your job using multiple spreadsheets, old-school filing systems and generic document-sharing sites.

why wouldn't you want a better way to win funding?

As enrollments, endowments, venture capital and other revenue sources shrink, grants have become mission critical to fuel growth and spark innovation. Grants have now become pivotal—whether your organization is seeking the cure for cancer, incubating startups, or helping kids become healthier.

Organizations that use In4Grants usually find just one award justifies their investment. Since the simple annual subscription is based on user activity, In4Grants fits most budgets. So, if your organization relies on grants, why wouldn't you want a system designed from the ground up to be a better way to score funding?

no IT support needed

The company behind In4Grants, InfoReady Corp., has skillfully packaged this powerful software into a simple Web-based interface.

In4Grants is offered as a software as a service (SaaS), which means it doesn't require software or hardware to install. You won't need IT support or in-depth training. You won't need a 100-page user guide. Come to think of it, you won't even need a one-page user guide.

Isn't SaaS sweet?

command respect

While In4Grants is a new product introduced in 2010, it's backed by decades of IT know-how and killer customer support with InfoReady. Our reps are there to provide help, offer on-going product upgrades, and are tied to your success. They will help your department become more successful.

Organizations nationwide have already experienced first-hand that In4Grants' fusion of online search, social media and application software dramatically reduces the time formerly spent administering the pre-award process.

In4Grants works. Once management, researchers and other co-workers see it with their own eyes, they’ll “get” it.

InfoReady's pre-award management system works so well, and is so free of risk, you might eventually take it...for granted.

We won’t mind at all.