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“Before we started using In4Grants, we kept our information in three different places. We were using Excel, Word, Access and really cobbling together our process.”

 —Jerrold R. Harris, Ph.D., Director Research and Sponsored Programs, Bloomsburg University

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I4Grants FAQs

more grants, no headaches

You've never seen anything like In4Grants™

It's a fresh approach for grant seekers to manage the time-consuming and complex pre-award process. It helps organizations win more funding with the quickness of a search engine, the familiarity of your favorite social-media site, and the power of application software. It's as easy to use as Google or Facebook.

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What is this In4Grants thing anyway?

In4Grants is a new Web-based pre-award grant-management product. It was designed to help organizations discover more funding opportunities quicker, streamline collaboration with social media, automatically track pre-award workflow in one centralized workspace, and have more time to craft winning proposals.

Who uses In4Grants?

In4Grants has been licensed by universities, colleges, research institutions, K-12 schools, local governments, economic-development corporations and incubators. Everyone in the grant-seeking ecosystem can use this—from principal investigators and administrators to managers and researchers.

What's in it for Me?

In addition to finding more targeted funding opportunities at least 50 percent quicker, the system will help you communicate with project teams better and administer the entire pre-award process with ease—in one shared interface. It will make your job easier. And once your peers see this proven, revolutionary product with their own eyes, they will thank you.

What's in it for my organization?

When you have more time to develop proposals, your organization will win more grants, period. If that weren't enough, management will see smoother project efficiency and better staff communication. In addition, In4Grants is cost-effective and often pays for itself after one award.

Great, another grants solution—how is In4Grants different?

In4Grants is new, and unique. While some companies claim to manage the grants process, no other product offers the comprehensive range of capabilities that address the challenges of the pre-award process like In4Grants. Most organizations use a combination of Google, Grants.gov, other paid sources, and rely on manual gathering of documents and communicating via emails. In4Grants eliminates this manual effort. It also replaces confusing email threads, multiple Excel documents, old-school filing systems, and generic document-sharing sites.

In4Grants is NOT just another paid source. It is the only solution focused on streamlining the pre-award process.

Any cool features?

Oh yeah. The product is broken into three main features: In4Grants Discovery™, In4Grants Collaboration™ and In4Grants Tracking™. In4Grants Discovery helps organizations find more grants quicker due to its proprietary aggregation and filter methodologies. In4Grants Collaboration helps project members communicate better using familiar social-media tools. In4Grants Tracking helps administrators better manage pre-award workflow.

Features are explained in detail here.

My budget is limited—what will it cost?

There is a cost-effective licensing fee based on user activity. In4Grants is installed in many types of organizations, and it is competitively priced to meet most budgets. Bottom line, one award often justifies the annual expenditure on In4Grants.

To schedule a consultation, call 734-929-0010 x258.

It must be a headache to implement, right?

No aspirin needed. In4Grants is a browser-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that requires no installation or IT support. Unlike some other products, In4Grants is so easy it doesn't require a user manual. In fact, it typically takes less than 30 minutes of training. Half an hour? That's like a trip to the café.

Who is behind In4Grants?

In4Grants is the flagship product of Ann Arbor, Michigan-based data management company InfoReady Corp. The startup was founded in 2010 to change how the world handles data. It is backed by decades of advanced IT know-how.

Does In4Grants replace me?

Absolutely not. In4Grants is a grant administrator's best friend, as it helps organize and simplify the cumbersome task of managing the pre-award stage.

Will my researchers use this?

Yes. If your researchers can use Google, Facebook or Amazon.com, they'll know how to use In4Grants. They'll quickly see how much easier it is to communicate with each other, as all interaction is located in one project interface.

OK, I'm interested—can I see a demo?

We thought you'd never ask! You can schedule a demo here.