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“Before we started using In4Grants, we kept our information in three different places. We were using Excel, Word, Access and really cobbling together our process.”

 —Jerrold R. Harris, Ph.D., Director Research and Sponsored Programs, Bloomsburg University

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i4Grants Features

search, share, score with In4Grants

In4Grants™ is on a mission.

To “de-cobble” the way so many organizations go about scoring grant funding.

A few minutes using this polished pre-award grant-management system, you'll see it's succeeded. With its fusion of online search, social media and application software, In4Grants' centralized project workspace eliminates the need to:

snappy grant discovery

DiscoverEvery day, In4Grants Discovery™ aggregates funding opportunities from Grants.gov, individual foundations and a legion of other sites. In4Grants is proven to find targeted grants at least 50 percent quicker than manual searches and with more calibration than any solution on the market today. Unlike email services, In4Grants Discovery searches for funding opportunities using keywords from the entire grant—not just the title. In addition, In4Grants offers advanced categorization, making the process of finding opportunities even quicker.

In seconds, grant seekers can find targeted awards using keywords. They can further define their needs with In4Grants' advanced filter technology. Best of all, these opportunities are displayed in a common interface, not multiple emails.

socially-enhanced collaboration

CollaborateSharing is simple with In4Grants Collaboration™.

No IT administration is needed to implement or manage user permissions, hosted in a SAS70-certified environment. Once peers are selected, they can share, review and vote with just a click, as well as communicate with other members in a single-grant-focused workspace.

In addition, since multiple groups within one organization might vie for the same funding, In4Grants gives administrators the ability to separate project teams—ensuring competition while maximizing collaboration. Get out of your “Sent” box. And into In4Grants.

superior workflow tracking

TrackIn4Grants Tracking™ remembers all pre-award activity, so you don't have to. It captures who has voted, who you've invited, who you've sent opportunities to, and who has responded. In4Grants Tracking also stores all grant-preparation documents—letter templates, budgets and more—in one workspace.

Stop fumbling around with disparate documents and filing systems. Start your day right at the point of connection™—the grant itself.

It's a much better place.

killer customer support

Customer SupportIn4Grants is accountable for your success. Since In4Grants is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, there are automatic upgrades to continually enhance the user experience—so you never have to keep track of versions. In addition, the In4Grants support team provides customized training and is available 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST via a customer-service hotline.

In4Grants reps are smart.

Never SaaSy.